Slime Invader

Slime Invader

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Slime Invader
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Slime Invader Overview


Slime Invader is a perfect new addition to our website for the many of you here who simply love playing tower defense games, which are ranked among the most popular strategy games in the world, and if they feature slime creatures, and are also shooting game at the same time, we have a gut feeling you will only love them even more so, as you should with this one, which is a great new addition for our website!

Stop the advance of the Slime Invader online!

Slimes will be advancing towards the barrier of protection at the bottom of the screen, and with the mouse or touch controls you control a cannon which you use to shoot at them, so make sure to shoot them all down before they hit it, because if all the building blocks of the barrier get taken out, you lose.

There are two more spots you can place cannons and upgraded weapons on, to the left and right, but that only comes after winning some rewards that you can exchange for them.

See how far you can survive, with each new wave of slimes being more powerful than the last, but we are sure that your aim and skill will also only get better through the game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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