A Koopa's Revenge

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What is A Koopa's Revenge?

A Koopa's Revenge

A Koopa's Revenge, the first of the two games, with the sequel also being found on our website already, is the new Mario adventure game we invite you all to play right now, where our favorite plumber does not have the central character role this time, but it his monster enemies that do, who usually get squashed. Still, now you get the chance to get back at him, something we will now teach you how!

Let's make A Koopa's Revenge real with this new adventure game!

Use the arrow keys to move the small little Koopa, pressing the spacebar when you want to jump, and do so in order to get past the lava, spikes, and various other kinds of obstacles and traps you might encounter along the way, and when you find Marios, step on their heads to smash them, like they would have done to you prior.

Collect coins from out in the open or by smashing into the bricks with your head, and grab the key you need to open up the door that will lead you to the next level. Of course, you might also happen upon all sorts of power-ups and upgrades, so don't hesitate to catch and use them.

Now that you've understood everything, start now, only here, and stick around for more great content of the day!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.

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