Emoji Puzzle!

Emoji Puzzle!

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Emoji Puzzle!
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Emoji Puzzle! Overview


A puzzle game with emojis can only result in a really good time for you to have right now, which is what we invite you to do, since we've just had tons of fun with this game ourselves, so sharing it with you right now was something that was always in the cards, since we want you to have just as much fun, maybe even more!

Can you solve the Emoji Puzzle?

There will be rows of emojis, and you have to draw lines between them as they match with one another. For example, match a bee to a flower, a rainbow to a cloud of rain, or a sick emoji to an emoji with a mask.

Figure out how they all match with one another, draw those lines correctly, and finish each puzzle, with each new one getting more difficult than the last, but more fun at the same time, we promise!

Don't stop here, since there are always more great games in the works here for you all, and we would hate if you were to miss out on them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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