Thief Puzzle

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What is Thief Puzzle?

Thief Puzzle

Thief Puzzle is one of the best stealth games online with puzzles that we've had on our website so far, with a very interesting premise in which you solve puzzles with a goal that is not that honorable because finding solutions to them helps the thief steal from people. Don't do it in real life, but have fun with it in this game!

Solve the puzzles for the thief!

Use the mouse to extend the stickman thief's hand so that you grab the item that he needs, as shown in the thought bubble, and make it so that you never touch the person you are stealing from because if that happens, you lose the level and have to start it again from scratch.

Use the items surrounding you to change the direction of the hand, such as in the Egypt level, where you use the pyramids to move the hand over the man to steal the water because there is no other way to change the hand's direction.

Each new thief puzzle gets more complicated than the one before it, but also more fun, and we're sure you won't get bored even for a moment, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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