Tricky Thief

Tricky Thief

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Tricky Thief
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Tricky Thief Overview


Puzzle and logic games online in the realm of today's Tricky Thief are always going to represent highlights for the visitors of our website, which is why it is with great delight that right at this moment we share with you this one, whose rules we are now going to explain so that you can give the game your very best from the get-go!

Become a Tricky Thief online right now!

In each level you have to steal something from an unassuming stickman, using the mouse to drag and extend your thief's hand in such a way that you grab those items, whatever they might be, starting off with some classic suitcases, of course.

Use the elements around you, such as hand holders in the subway, to get your hands on the items you are going to steal, and if you get caught by people around you, you lose.

If that happens, start the levels again and think up a better plan, of course, no matter how hard the levels get down the road. We're wishing you the best, and hope you don't stop here, since our team has more in store for you all, as always!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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