Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle

Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle

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Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle
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Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle Overview


Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle is a new interactive puzzle game with the troll face characters you know and loves, with some new versions inspired by popular media appearing as well, so we hope you are not planning on missing out on the experience for anything in the world, it would be quite a shame!

Solve the puzzle for the Troll Thief Stickman!

Pick up money, and wallets, gain girlfriends, or make their skirts hang up, there can be all sorts of targets you need to achieve in the levels of this game, but you can bet they are all going to be mischievous.

To do it you use the mouse to draw his hand like a line in order to pick up something, move something else, or whatever it is you need to do to achieve the goal.

There will be items you can take advantage of, but there will be other ones that are traps, obstacles, or even enemies, so if you die, think of a better strategy next time you attempt that level.

It's a puzzle game, si thinking should be your main concern, and if you focus hard enough and never give up, we are sure that everything will be a success!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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