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Pep-Pel Overview


Pep-Pel is a brand-new indie adventure game that our team wants to showcase here on our website since we always want to be ahead of the curve with bringing you the best new games out there, and something tells us you will really love having these adventures right now, just like it had been the case for us all!

Let's begin the adventures of Pep-Pel online!

First, know that to control your characters you will use the WASD keys for movement and the spacebar for jumping. The character is a wizard who got turned into a goblin, and now you have to move at a fast pace through all the levels to conquer them, so make sure to build speed and momentum.

There are platforms to climb, objects to push away, and tons of other dangers and traps you have to avoid through the platformer levels, but we're sure that if you focus and give it your best, you will pass everything with no issues at all! Let's start the fun right now, and maybe invite your friends to it too!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and spacebar.

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Author: SlugGlove

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