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Dave Dave Dave
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Dave Dave Dave Overview


Dave Dave Dave is here for the many fans of side-scroller platform-adventure games online in retro styles, as this game is an 8bit pixelated game that is made in modern days, but with an older style, which we are sure will result in one of the best experiences you could be having here today, something we know from our own time having played this game!

Go on an adventure with Dave Dave Dave!

With the WASD or the ARROW keys you can move and jump with Dave, a ghost, something you have to do to avoid spikes, pits, and other dangers and obstacles you encounter, advancing from one checkpoint to another, as you try to reach the end of this huge adventure.

Use platforms to go up and down, grab keys to open up closed spaces, and make sure that you die as few times as possible. The course gets more difficult as you advance through it, but it also gets more fun. Don't stop here, since more great games are going to be up for you today, and we hope you check them all out!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.

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Author: axilirate

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