Tiny Bomb

Tiny Bomb

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Tiny Bomb
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Tiny Bomb Overview


Tiny Bomb is a new arcade-adventure game online with blocks and pixel elements, where you are helping an old man find a special fruit from a magical garden, which is going to help him get back to being young, all the while having to face all the dangers that are guarding this thing. Let's explain more!

Use the Tiny Bomb to survive your adventures!

With the mouse or touch controls you swipe in which direction you want your avatar to move, hitting at things to destroy them, or planting bombs to do so, while you collect coins, new hearts, which help you replace lives you lost, and other upgrades or useful items you might find.

Make sure not to lose all your lives, because you lose the game. You can swipe, but if you wish, you can change the controls to buttons anytime you wish. Play this game on computers or mobile devices, it does not matter, as the adventure is amazing, and it awaits you just one click away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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