Big Flappy Tower vs Tiny Square

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What is Big Flappy Tower vs Tiny Square?

Big Flappy Tower vs Tiny Square

Big Flappy Tower vs Tiny Square is yet another wonderful platform-adventure game online with tons of jumping, wall climbing, and figuring out how to get higher through the tower, your goal, where all of us have had a blast of a time from start to finish, so we're absolutely positive that you will too!

It's Big Flappy Tower vs Tiny Square, a new adventure for you to necessarily have!

Use W, A, and D to move and jump, or the arrows, if you wish, and get your square through the tower, always up, avoiding traps and obstacles if you encounter them.

By pressing the jumping arrow three times you can do flappy jumps three times in a row, but after the third one, you fall to the ground. In case you are lost or stuck, press Y to return to the last checkpoint you've been through and continue the adventure.

The pineapple awaits you at the top of the tower, to save it, so make sure you give your very best toward that goal and have fun as only here is possible, day after day, with our amazing new games!


Evil Objective

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How to play?

Use W, A, D.