Big Tower Tiny Square

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Big Tower Tiny Square
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What is Big Tower Tiny Square?

Big Tower Tiny Square

Do you love platform-adventure games with minimalistic overtones? We've got just the game for you all:

In Big Tower Tiny Square, you are the Tiny Square, whose pineapple was stolen by the Big Square, and placed on top of the Big Tower, at the top of which you aim to get so that you can save your precious fruit, get revenge, and experience a unique adventure along the way!

Help Tiny Square climb the Big Tower!

Use the arrows to move the square, and use the spacebar to jump, wall climb, swim, and use all the other movements that you will need to make to ascend vertically, getting past all the many portions of the tower, each with their own challenge, as you need to figure out how to move in order to keep climbing.

The tower is not only big but also complicated, and quite tricky, so sometimes it will help you to think before you act, even if we're sure that you will still have great instincts on how to move and advance. Even if you get stuck, if you concentrate, we are sure that you will reach the top of the tower and finish the mission, having a blast along the way!

How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.


Evil Objective

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