Pizza Tower

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What is Pizza Tower?

Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower is going to be a retro platform-adventure game with action and adventure elements that we are highly positive you are going to love from start to finish since the same can be said of our own time with it, the main reason we are now sharing it with everyone with full confidence!

Can you climb the Pizza Tower and win?

Use WASD to move with your character, use Z to jump, and X to charge, going through each room of the castle as a chef, where you have to defeat monsters, get past obstacles and various traps, all in order to get pizza, bonus points, and a big score.

There are many dangers, but the world is ever-expanding, really fun and interesting, and since we've had a blast with it, so will you, and we hope that even if you were to lose one of the levels, you will start it again and try even harder the next time so that you win all of them and have the best out of the game!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, Z, X keys.

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Author: Tour De Pizza

Pizza Tower Guy/Tour De Pizza: The entirety of Pizza Tower

Dim Widdy/Post Elvis – Funiculi theme, title theme

Mineken – Pepperoni goblin recreation

Core – Water level asset recreate

PinPan – coding/recreation of other sprites, anything custom

Wario Land 2/Nintendo – Sound FX

Sonic Mania – Hydrocity theme

Yo noid 2 – Boss Theme

MrSauceman – Spooky Tower

Spongebob creature from the Krusty Krab – Patty Chase 3


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