Huge Ball For Two

Huge Ball For Two

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Huge Ball For Two
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Huge Ball For Two Overview


Huge ball for two is one of those silly hypercasual games 3D with sports elements that we now invite you to play here, even more so since you can play it in two players, as the title aptly suggests, and there's no doubt in our minds you will love playing it, which is why we will now develop the gameplay further for you, so you can give your best!

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You'll be playing what is basically a game of soccer, where the ball is really huge, and each team, red and blue, has three players, and if you're playing in two, here are the controls you need to know about:

  • Player 1 moves with WASD and jumps with space.
  • Player 2 moves with the ARROWS, and uses the left mouse button to jump.

Before the runtime of the game expires, make sure that you score more goals into the net of the opposing team to win, simple as that! We wish both of you the best, hoping to see you around for more great fun yet to come today on our website!

How to play?

P1: WASD, space.


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Рудольф Вагнер

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