Ship Containers

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What is Ship Containers?

Ship Containers

Ship Containers is a new stacking and puzzle game online that our team is delighted to be sharing with you on our website right now, knowing full well how awesome it is, so allow us to explain so you can start giving it your best at once!

Stack and sort the Ship Containers online!

With the mouse, you click or tap with the finger to make the containers drop as they are moved left and right by the grappling hook, and you need to arrange them on the ship in order to fill it up with as many of them as possible, both sideways and upwards, so that you get a really big score in return.

Be careful not to drop them into the water, because when that happens, you will have lost. Good luck, enjoy, and don't be stopping here, since we've always got more great content in store for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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