NightSpeed Shift

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What is NightSpeed Shift?

NightSpeed Shift

NightSpeed Shift is an original drag racing game online made by our team which we are now confidently giving out to you after our team poured our hearts and soul into creating it, and making sure that it is one of the best new games with cars you get to play on our website, which we invite you to do on either computers or mobile platforms!

Let's win all the NightSpeed Shift races!

As with all drag racing games, your goal is to be the first one that crosses the finish line on the course which is a straight line, and shifting gears to keep a great speed and take over the other car is the key, so hold down the UP button on your keyboard to accelerate, and figure out the best speeds.

In between races, use the money that you've earned to buy upgrades for your car so that in the following one it is faster. You can make changes to the engine, and turbine, and even design ones for the body paint.

It's that simple, so you should now be ready to give it your all, which we know all our players do every time, after which we've got even more great games in store for everyone!

How to play?

For desktop:

  • use the ARROW UP to accelerate
  • use the SPACE to swift the gear


For mobile:

  • use the pedal and gear shift icons


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