The Cat Hotel

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What is The Cat Hotel?

The Cat Hotel

Do you think you've got what it takes to successfully run and manage The Cat Hotel online? Then we're inviting you to attempt it right now and here with one of the best business management games in 3D with hypercasual elements from our website, made way better by the fact that it features cats in it, just like you will see right now when we will explain all that you have to do!

Make The Cat Hotel the best ever!

At the hotel, people leave their cats to be taken care of when they are off on vacation or have other kinds of problems, so you will be a pet caretaker while also trying to develop your business.

Move around with the mouse or touch controls, in order to get the cat food when it is hungry, wash it up when it is dirty, put it to sleep for rest, and even dress it up, or play with it.

For all these tasks you do you get money, which you should use to buy more amenities for the hotel, so that you develop it, get more cats, more money, and even hire workers to help you.

It's that simple and that very much fun, so make sure you start right now, after which you're invited to check out more of the daily content we've prepared here today for everyone!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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