Metal Slug X

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Metal Slug X
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What is Metal Slug X?

Metal Slug X

Metal Slug X is a classic retro and old shooting game online that many of you might already be familiar with, but if not, as you might be younger, it is a great introduction to this classic everyone should play at least once, as it packs a punch of action like never before!

Play Metal Slug X online unblocked with no download required!

You could go to Combat School first and take the tutorial, and then enter the Arcade Missions mode, where you have one level after another of non-stop action as you help your soldier defeat all the monsters, zombies, mummies, robots, demons, and other beings they encountered.

You find yourself in a world where these foes can only be defeated by metal bullets, so use your weapons and the ones you might pick up to take them out, as well as finding and grabbing any power-ups and useful items along the way. Use the keyboard to move and shoot.

We wish you the best, and hope you check out more retro games of ours, since we've got the best, and you would not want to miss out on them, believe us when we say it!

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How to play?

Use the keyboard.

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