Stall Life Simulation

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Stall Life Simulation
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What is Stall Life Simulation?

Stall Life Simulation

Stall Life Simulation is both an idle clicker game, and a business management game all at the same time, which is a combo that always works, which is why we are delighted that this game can be shared with you right now, where we are sure you will get quite a good training for your future life as a businessman, which is what we know many of you want to become!

Let's start the Stall Life Simulation and become amazing online businessmen!

Buy stalls for food, clothes, jewelry, toys, and all sorts of other avenues of revenue, and keep clicking on the advertising button to make more money, using that cash to buy and open more stalls, and increase your businesses through the city as much as possible, until you rule it, financially!

Invest in other businesses from afar to get idle money, but also build new locations, take challenges to see if you can make money fast and smart, sell businesses that don't work well at the market, and don't forget to give to charity, since that will help you a lot in attracting even more customers!

More money, more investments, more fun, which is what we invite you to get right now from this amazing game, after which we invite you to play even more similar ones we've already got!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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