2 Player: Grimace

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2 Player: Grimace
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What is 2 Player: Grimace?

2 Player: Grimace

2 Player: Grimace is not a game we would have dared not share with you right now, since it is not only one of our newest games for 2 players online, but it also features the most popular McDonald's mascot as of late, thanks to the return of the shake it has made iconic, and we will now test out your skills and speed with this game whose format we will explain right away!

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Each of the two players controls a Grimace mascot, and the player that makes their biggest first, by filling up the progress bar to the top, wins. To do so, you have to repeatedly press A and D for P1, and Left, Right for P2, so that the Grimaces will eat burgers and grow in size.

Be the first one to reach the max size and you win, simple as that! There's nothing else you need to know, just invite a friend over to start playing, since in two players is the only way this works out best, after which we've got many more games in pairs here for you to further check out and enjoy!

How to play?

Use A, D and Left, Right.

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