Train Bandit

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Train Bandit
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What is Train Bandit?

Train Bandit

Train Bandit is a new action-adventure game with shooting that is set in the Wild West, one of the best places to be when it comes to games in this genre, and because the game also takes place on top of a train, you are surely going to have an even better experience, since this is something unique and fun, something we will now explain how it goes, so you can give the game your best!

Become the best Train Bandit in the West!

Swipe up to jump as you run on top of the train, doing so to get to the higher rooftops, but also to avoid the bullets that are coming towards you from the sheriffs, whom you then have to shoot down by getting in position with them and clicking on the revolver button to aim and shoot.

The more you advance, the more enemies you shoot down, the bigger your score becomes, and to help with that, try collecting gold coins too, since they will be able to be exchanged for weapons, and know that new gear and upgrades can also be found on top of the trains as you advance in them.

Let's begin right now, only here, and don't stop for a second, since we've always got more great games, and we would hate if you were to miss them!

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