Daddy Escape

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Daddy Escape
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What is Daddy Escape?

Daddy Escape

Puzzle games with pins are already a classic, which is why our team could not have missed this opportunity to share with you a brand new one, a high-quality addition to this genre of hypercasual games that you can play on both computers and mobile devices, Daddy Escape, where a father is trapped inside houses that are quite dangerous, and only you can help him get out to freedom!

Help Daddy Escape Online!

In each level, to complete it, help Daddy reach the exit door, doing so by pulling pins. Now, some pins need to be pulled in order to get rid of traps, and enemies, such as TNT bombs, spikes, the robbers, or the zombies, because bumping into these dangers means losing the game.

For that reason you need to figure out the correct order to pull the pins, making the obstacles and traps disappear, and after that happens, Daddy will be able to confidently advance forward to the door, and when reached, you advance to the next stage, with a more difficult puzzle, of course, but more fun too!

You get cash after finishing a level, so the quicker you do, the more money you get. We're wishing you the very best, and hope to see you around for even more fun to come as only here you can find!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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