One Hit Samurai

One Hit Samurai

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One Hit Samurai
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One Hit Samurai Overview


One Hit Samurai is a simulator game 3D which is also an action-adventure game with fighting, one that gives you the chance to become a Samurai, one of the most revered Japanese warriors of history, who has plenty of vile enemies to defeat, in the name of justice, something you will attempt doing here, and which we will explain how straight away!

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Firstly, learn your quite simple controls: move with WASD, run with shift, attack with both the left and right mouse buttons, E to lock enemies, and P to pause.

As a samurai, your natural enemies are the ninjas, who are sneaky assassins, who will come after you, since they are trying to overtake the shogun you are defending.

Go around the map, around the Japanese castle, and defeat all of the ninjas that you encounter, or other enemies that might appear, and make sure to slay them before they can slay you first, as they will be attacking you on sight, just like you have to do with them!

We wish you the best, survival until the end and a successful mission as the most honorable warrior in ancient Japanese culture!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, shift key, E, and the mouse.

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