Ninja Painter 2

Ninja Painter 2

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Ninja Painter 2
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Ninja Painter 2 Overview


Ninja Painter 2 has now been released on our website after we saw that the first game in this series had been received very well, so we're fully confident the same will be true for the sequel, which has more ninjas, more things to paint, and more fun to have, as we promise to deliver with every new entry to our ever-growing gaming website!

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On each level there are certain squares in the maze that you have to paint with the color, which you will always have to pick up first, otherwise, you won't be able to paint. Sometimes you have those sections locked up behind a door, so make sure to collect the key as well to open it up.

Before painting the sections, and then returning to the door you've entered through to finish the level, make sure that you are going to collect the stars along the way too, three of them, so you have them all, and know that you are being timed, so each level needs to be finished with the painting before it runs out.

Move through the mazes with the arrow keys. It's as simple as that, so feel free to begin right now, and then stick around for even more of our daily games to come, you cannot go wrong with them!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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