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Fight Arena Online

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Fight Arena Online
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Fight Arena Online Overview


You should now step into the Fight Arena Online on our website, with what represents one of the best new fighting games 3D we've had in a while, a game we know you will love very much, just like we did, since it is really well developed, with a really simple premise and gameplay mechanics, and we will now teach them to you so you can start the craziness right away!

Enter the Fight Arena Online and win!

Move your character with WASD, press space to jump, and shift to roll. To punch you press the left mouse button, and with the right mouse button, you kick. You can combine these two hits with jumping and rolling to get different variations of them, which will be even better and stronger.

Now, you will encounter enemies in the arena, and you need to defeat them by depleting them of their health bar, while not allowing them to do the very same to you first. Between fights, go into the main menu and use the money you've earned to make yourself stronger, change your skins, and get daily rewards if you come back to play the game day by day.

It's that simple, so you should now fully consider playing the game right away, only here, and then stick around to see what more surprises we've got, as there are quite a few!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, and the mouse.

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Andrey Grigoryan

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