Mr Fight Online

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What is Mr Fight Online?

Mr Fight Online

Mr. Fight Online is a different kind of fighting game online, that we can bet even you will agree as soon as you start playing it, which is the reason why right at this moment we could not have missed the opportunity to share with with you all, especially after we have just finished having a ton of fun with it ourselves!

Toss Mr. Fight around to win the battles!

In each level, you have one or multiple enemies that you need to defeat, and you do it not by shooting bullets, like in the Mr. Bullet Games, but by throwing the fighter directly into the enemies, and if you manage to smash them to pieces, you win.

To do this you use the mouse, drawing the fighter and throwing them towards your enemies, and if you can hit multiple of them with one throw, even better.

Win each level by clearing all the enemies away, but do it in the given number of bullets, because if you miss and lose too many bullets without defeating all the enemies, the level needs to be started again from scratch.

Do great, get three out of three stars for each level, and unlock new skins and modes using your winnings. Good luck to you all with that, and we hope you stick around!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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