Nerd Fight

Nerd Fight

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Nerd Fight
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Nerd Fight Overview


Nerd Fight is a new action and fighting game unlike you get to see every day, but it is quite a special one, which is why we've kept it for last, with you being able to also have experiences from strategy games and tower defense games all at the same time, and we will now give you more details on what to do and how to do it!

Who will win the Nerd Fight?

Use the mouse to hire nerds, equip them with weapons but also improve their abilities, and use them to go up against the bullies, having to defeat them to clear them away from school, and fight off these kids who want to do you bad.

Make sure to always upgrade the characters, doing so by using the rewards you get from winning fights, and even do attacks yourself by clicking or tapping directly on the screen, when necessary.

Of course, the campaign only gets more difficult as you keep advancing through it, but you can also take part in one-off fights, or the time trial mode.

See if you can raise the biggest army of nerds, win the school fights, and we hope to see you around, playing even more of our awesome games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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