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Run is going to be a game as simple as its title since that will be your main goal, but you will be doing it through a cosmic world, with a cute little alien avatar, either in the adventure mode, which has multiple levels of increasing difficulty, or you can see the difficulty increase in the infinite mode as well, where you never stop until you die. We don't want that, so we will now explain how to go about this game!

Let's Run online!

You're in a space tube, with holes in it, and you have to advance one checkpoint after another without falling out into space. Move with the right and left arrow keys, even changing between the four dimensions of the tube, if that helps you more, and when you need to jump, simply press the spacebar.

The more you advance, the trickier the tube gets, with more holes and dangers, but you will also get more skilled as you advance, without a doubt. Let's see how far you can reach, and don't hesitate to share with us in the comments section how well you did!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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