Knight Vs Zombies

Knight Vs Zombies

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Knight Vs Zombies
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Knight Vs Zombies Overview


Knight Vs Zombies is a new action-adventure game online we highly recommend for all our visitors, where you get to face off against zombies in a different way than before, as a knight, using swords but also magic, which is a trio that will only result in one of the best times you could be having on our website, whether you play it on computers or mobile devices!

Help win the fight of Knight Vs Zombies!

As the knight marches forward through the forest, when you see zombies, attack them by clicking, avoid the obstacles and traps by jumping over them when you press the spacebar, and use the WASD keys to use the magic powers of the elements:

  • W - fire
  • S -  stone
  • D - wind
  • A - water

These magic powers need to be picked up from the courses first to use them, so don't avoid them. Try advancing a big distance through the forest, slay as many zombies as you can, and collect all the coins possible to get some treasure at the end of it all!

Now that you've caught on to what you've got to do, feel free and confident to begin playing the game right now, and have fun as only with us is possible!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, the mouse.

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