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Published23.03.2024 is now playable online and unblocked on our website on a private server by Sigmally, so if you were sad you could not play this game before, for various reasons, that is no longer the case, and we can now show you just how easy and fun it can all be, so if you're newcomers, follow our following instructions to do great!

Play online unblocked for free!

Use the mouse or touch controls to move your circle around the map, where you have to eat as many of the small colored dots as possible, which earns you points and increases your score, but, more importantly, it also increases your size. If you see players that are smaller than you, hit into them to eat them up as well and eliminate them, making you climb the leaderboard.

The biggest players on the map of each room and server wins, with new players coming in all the time, and more fun for you to have happening all the time. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around for even more daily games to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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