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Heist Defender

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Heist Defender
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Heist Defender Overview


Heist Defender is the must-play new fps game in 3D from our website of the day, a genre we try to revisit as often as possible, since the dawn of video games, shooting games have been among the most popular, the browser ones too, and this is yet another one with great graphics, easy gameplay, and an exciting world filled with fun that you have to survive, something we've done, so we can now tell you how to do it too!

Become a Heist Defender in our new Shooter game 3D!

You're the security guard at a bank, or another location, depending on which of the ten levels you have, but it is always a point of interest with a lot of money, being taken over by robbers who are doing a heist where they want to steal the money, gold, and other treasures kept safe there, which you need to protect, hence the title.

Use WASD to move, aim, and shoot with the mouse, run with shift, and reload with R. In each level, there is a number of robbers you have to shoot down, and when you kill them all, you clear the wave and the level, more of them waiting for you in the following stages.

You begin with a pistol, but with the money you earn, you can buy new weapons, such as the shotgun, the assault rifle, and the sniper rifle. The more expensive they are, the better. It kind of goes without saying, but if you get shot up too much and you lose all your health points, you die and lose said level.

Start your mission right now, give it your absolute best, and make sure that you're not stopping here since more amazing games are going to be following this one up!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse, and R.

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