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Gorilla Adventure

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Gorilla Adventure
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Gorilla Adventure Overview


Gorilla Adventure is a game that takes you into the future, yes, that's right, a Cyberpunk world similar to that of the iconic game, or movies like Blade Runner, where you assume control of a cybernetic gorilla who has escaped from the lab it was experimented on, so you're now going on a run adventure of escape, helping it navigate out of the box it is still trapped in, using your skills and reaction times to push forward through the night of the city!

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The gorilla is situated in a box it cannot get out of, and it has a stick that it uses to push forward, which you take control of using the mouse. Use the mouse to rotate the stick forward or backward, and make it so that it drags with it the gorilla in the box, moving up as you climb the city landscape.

There will be many obstacles and platforms to climb on, and you need to have swift reaction times and intelligent movements to be able to get past the roadblocks in your path, going up, down, and always forward. Your goal is to simply reach the end of the course, without getting stuck or killed by the environment in any way.

Let's start right now, only here, since the basics have been explained, and we hope to see you try out more games with animals and skill games in general!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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