Cooking Festival

Cooking Festival

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Cooking Festival
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Cooking Festival Overview


The Cooking Festival is finally here, free and online, ready for you to have lots of fun it, as the cook, not the eater, since that is the real challenge, and we're absolutely positive that you are going to have quite a blast, as this has proven itself to be one of the best cooking games online we've added to our website until now, also mobile-friendly! You don't need to be a cooking expert already to play it, so allow us to teach you how it works right now and here!

Let's go to the Cooking Festival online!

In the first level, you will be cooking pancakes, but also do some coffee for your customers, who show you if they want them simple, or with toppings like chocolate. This is the Pancake Cafe, where you begin your journey, and you will see in front of you all the kitchen tools and ingredients you need to use.

As customers wait for their orders, try to give them their food in time, at a good time, so that you get bigger tips, and if they wait too long for orders, you lose them as clients. Finish the day off with a lot of money, and earn stars, which you then use to unlock other restaurants, cafeterias, food trucks, and establishments that are at the festival.

You will try to unlock all of the food festival places, and work at all of them to make lots of good food, tons of people happy, and get a ton of money to open up your own restaurant, and become one of the biggest chefs in this world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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