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reDead Overview


reDead is one of the best multiplayer zombie games online! The main reason for it is there are few of them! You will now have to survive against zombie hordes and shoot them down, but, luckily, not alone! Join players world-wide in your quest for survival, and the defeat of the zombie invasion, and stopping the apocalypse!

Play reDead online: a multiplayer IO zombie shooting game 3D!

You and other players will be thrown on the map, which is a forest, a forest of undead. You've got your main base, and you need to protect it. Make sure the hordes of zombies don't attack it too much. If it happens, and it gets destroyed, you all lose. Remember, co-operation is important. Survival is too. Individually and together you can prevail, so do both!

At given times new waves of zombies appear, and they start their attack. Meet them on the battlefield and shoot them up. Kill zombies, and don't let them bite you too much. If your health bar runs out, you die instead. 

To gain the upper hand, find zombie portals. It is where they come from. Shoot them up and try to take down as many as possible, to make the waves of zombies appear slower, and to have fewer battles to win.

Here's your basic drilling, soldier!

Move using WASD, aim, and shoot with the mouse.

To use special abilities and weapons, when you have them, use these keys: 

  • Q
  • Z
  • R
  • T
Become stronger than zombies!

Open the shop with B, and buy new weapons. You can buy them if you gain money from your kills. On the battlefield, fallen soldiers leave behind new guns, ammo, and health packs. Many other upgrades too. Get them for yourselves, and strengthen your avatar.

Become the best soldier, and lead your fellow players into battle! Kill or be killed in this new zombie apocalypse game!

How to play?

Use WASD for movement and the mouse for attacks.

Use Q, Z, R, and T for items.

Use B to open the shop.

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