Where's my Water?

Where's my Water?

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Where's my Water?
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Where's my Water? Overview


In 'Where's My Water?' you play a cool new puzzle and logic game. It's also a drawing game and a skill game all at the same time. An alligator is being captive underground, and he needs water to survive and escape. Can we get it to him?

Where's my Water? Let's find it!

With the mouse, you drag around the ground to make tunnels. Make tunnels toward where the alligator is, and then pour the water into the tunnel to him. If he gets enough, you clear the level. You will see three stars. Try digging in a way that water passes through them and you collect them.

In each level, you can get 3/3 stars, which should be your goal in doing! To let the water flow, press the red button next to the hydrant, and it will start streaming. If the water does not get to the animal, you lose the level.

At each level, more and more obstacles appear between you, the water, and the animal. Figure out the best way to dig around them and reach your goal. Your logical skills will greatly improve when you're done with this game, so start it now with confidence!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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