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What are Mr Bean Games?

Play the best Mr Bean Games online for free to help the naive comedian from online games pass all the tests he has. Among the funniest activities you will have to do in online games are those in which Bean goes to the barber, and all kinds of funny things will happen there.

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Of course, it is the title character that we follow mostly, who is childish and thinks only about himself, who feels competitive about everything, and is always cooking up crazy schemes. Teddy is his best friend, a teddy bear whom Bean treats like he were real. We then have Mrs. Julia Wicket, his elderly landlady who cannot stand his foolishness but still cares for the man, her pet cat called Scrapper, and of course, Miss Marry Wince, his longtime girlfriend who has to take charge in the relationship, as she is way more mature and level-headed. Mr. Bean also has a mini car he uses to drive around in his countless adventures.

You might not think so, but there are way more games with Mr. Bean online out here than you would imagine at first, as the character can get himself into lots of trouble you need to get him out of. Help him find the money for rent, improve your memory by matching the pairs, play with his goldfish from the bathtub, learn how to create your rocketship, maybe help him kiss his girlfriend when they are alone, and make sure to play dress-up games with Mr. Bean, as his attire is not that much of a concern to him, solve puzzles, and much more, since you can never know what he is up to.

Nonetheless, together, you can have the most brilliant of times, guaranteed, as with any of our other Boomerang Games categories, for that matter. We feel that even if you were unaware of the character, you will have fun together, so start now!