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What are Toy Story Games?

toy story games is a new category appears only here on our website www.Play-Games.Com that will test the skill, agility and spirit of adventure. in these games you have many adventures with our heroes of toy story films. the films in the foreground some toys when i'm alone, without people around, come to life and act like ordinary people. the action revolves around woody, a cowboy who is leader andy boy toys. all toys listen to it because it is very well trained, well thinks before acting and is very brave. woody and the other toys embark on a mission to find out what gift he received andy's birthday. it looks like a new toy gift received, a fighter named buzz lightyear stellar. the new toy of andy and think it is really a stellar fighter that tries to get back to his planet. woody is very upset because buzz has become the new favorite toy of andy and now he's left edge. andty family is preparing to go to pizza and tells him that his mother is allowed to take one toy. for fear that andy might choose buzz, woody tried to close in the closet but mistakenly buzz plan goes wrong and get out in the yard. the other toys accuse woody jealous but it does not get to confront because it took andy pizza. between wody and buzz will take place several times but eventually become very good friends. they have to work together to save lives and so between them form a close bond of friendship seer on trust and respect. in these games category of toy story you will have many adventures with our heroes and you have to give everything your best to collect as many points. the points are very important in these games in the toy story game because if you do it well, you could have the chance to get among the best players. in these games you need to be very careful because you give obstacles that will give you big headaches and as you progress higher levels will be increasingly difficult to achieve the objective. give us a like if you enjoyed our games. if you fail to collect points in the first attempt does not have to stop because the game is quite difficult, but you must try again to pay more attention and are sure that you will do better. in this category of games with toy story will be games of skill, action, creativity, sports and even puzzle.