Toy Story Marbelous Missions

Toy Story Marbelous Missions

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Toy Story Marbelous Missions
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Toy Story Marbelous Missions Overview


Can you complete the Marbelous Missions of Toy Story? It's what you're invited to do in one of the best platform-adventure running and jumping games in the category! Buzz and Woody have prepared missions to see if you're good enough to join their team! Explore the world of toys directly, instead of just watching it!

Let's win the Toy Story Marbelous Missions!

Finish the missions against the clock. Reach the finish line before the time runs out on you. Marbz are like marbles. They can be red, yellow, white, blue, or grey. Collect them to get points and earn a big score. As you advance, rescue the aliens too. Save the green little friends and earn even more points in return!

Explore, and discover!

Try to find the rare morbz for the ultimate prizes and earning trophies. Some items are hidden, and to get to them, find the switches. Stand on them to open up hidden areas. To finish each mission you need a key. You can't cross the finish line without it, so search for it!

Start the Toy Story adventure!

Use the arrows to move and jump. Run and jump on platforms, but also clouds. Avoid the rainy clouds. If they hit you, they take up from your health bar. If you run out of health, you lose the mission. Some platforms move up and down. Use them to travel.

Don't fall into the abyss, or you also lose. Well, you get restarted, but after three missed tries, you lose points and need to start from scratch. Start your mission right now, and make Buzz proud, space cadet!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

Tips & Tricks

  • Play as a new character of your choice: a boy, or girl.

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