Run 2

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What is Run 2?

Run 2

Run 2 is about to be one of the top endless runner games online from our website, a classic format that audiences from all over the world can never get tired of, as we can see every day, and considering that this game is a sequel, you can bet that it means it has the quality you are looking for in a game, and you're going to enjoy it fully, start to finish!

Play Run 2 online unblocked for free!

You can be one of two characters, Runner, or Skater, and you use the right and left arrow keys to move in those directions, jump with the spacebar, pause with P, and reset with R.

Through each level, you are going to find yourself in a vector world made out of blocks in the sky, with the courses having both obstacles to avoid hitting or pits in which you must not fall.

Make sure you reach the end of each level and collect as many bonuses as you can too, which are represented by glowing orbs of light. The more, the merrier, as your score increases.

Each new course gets more difficult than the one prior to it, but the level of fun you will have with them also increases, so we hope that you finish the whole game for the best experience possible!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys and the SPACE bar.

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