Zombocalypse 2

Zombocalypse 2

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Zombocalypse 2
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Zombocalypse 2 Overview


Zombocalypse 2 is here to show you that the zombie apocalypse never ends, as the hordes of zombies can only increase after such a big infection, this game takes place after 2012, when the end of the world came in this universe, but not in the way that you thought about, but with zombies now becoming real and wanting to eat the brains of people. Well, can you keep yours untouched?

Play Zombocalypse 2 and survive the zombie onslaught!

In this 2D side-scroller shooting game online, you use the right and left arrow keys to move your character in these directions, and when weapons such as sniper rifles, assault guns, machetes, or other kinds of weaponry drop from the sky, pick them up by standing over them and pressing the down arrow key.

To shoot and attack with them, press the spacebar, and it kills the zombies that attack you from both directions, getting combo streaks for lots of points, and surviving for as long as possible as you upgrade the rank of survivor you have.

Make sure not to let the zombies bite you too much because if your health bar depletes, you lose and have to start again from the previous checkpoint. Zombies can also have different looks, meaning they have different power levels and speeds, so be careful of them all, some are more dangerous than ever, even more so in groups. Survive, and have fun, right now!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys and the spacebar.


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