3 Marker Challenge

3 Marker Challenge

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3 Marker Challenge
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3 Marker Challenge Overview

3 Marker Challenge is a great puzzle game where your skills are being tested that you can play with a friend, one of the best new games in two players to have been added here for you, where your brains are going to be put to the test. It is a game inspired by the highly-popular challenge with the same name from YouTube. Now, no longer just your favorite video creators can take the challenge, but so can you.

If you’ve never heard about this awesome challenge before, allow us to teach you all about it here, so you can start having fun right away! Basically, what this Three Marker Challenge boils down to is that it gives people the chance to use only three markers, and with them color something as awesome as possible. Then, the painters and artists will compare their creation of the same image, the one who does it better, wins.

In this game, lots of images have been submitted, drawings and paintings using only three markers made by kids and adults from all over the world, and you get to score them and choose the ones you like the most. You are presented with one after the other, and you have to choose to smash if you like them, and pass if you don’t, after which you also learn how most people answered for each coloring.

You can also pick a character, create a drawing with the colors that you get, and let other people judge your painting. Let the fun begin right now, and win the coloring challenge online!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE.

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