Aquaman Race to Atlantis

Aquaman Race to Atlantis

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Aquaman Race to Atlantis
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Aquaman Race to Atlantis Overview


The Aquaman Race to Atlantis is on! The sea world is in trouble, with a villain as its king. Help Aquaman swim, defeat evil fish and monsters, and get to defeat his brother for the throne. It's an Aquaman game online with action, adventure, and everything else boys want from superhero games! Let's show you how to rule the seas!

Race to Atlantis with Aquaman!

Swim up and down using the arrows. Up and down, obviously! There are reefs and rocks popping up from the bottom, and the top. Avoid bumping into them, since it makes you lose lives. You've only got three in total, so don't lose them, or you lose the game.

Other dangers include any kind of sea life you see. That's fish, sharks, and Atlantean monsters or royal guards. Anyone you see on your swim forward, make sure to avoid, swimming past them, like a true fishman.

Instead, swim really far, and collect the coins. Get as much gold as possible for a big score. If you want upgrades and power-ups, grab the shields. They give you defense, speed, and maybe just more gold. Take them for you before they get into the wrong hands!

If you die, play again, and swim further, as you get better and better as Aquaman, DC's best superhero!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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