Lucky Life

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What is Lucky Life?

Lucky Life
Lucky Life is a game created by GameTornado and published by Silvergames where you will have to live like a lucky man. For a start, you will need to know that the man you represent is one with a belly, quite fat, with a beard and hair up. He wears a t-shirt with a deadhead, and at the bottom, he is dressed in shorts and down.

The first missions you have with Lucky Life are more about learning how to control the main character of the game, respectively where to go, how to jump, how to go on the belly, where to stop and how to stay away from dangerous obstacles in the game. A similar game is a game Short Life that looks like it, but this time you'll have the past new missions. In the game, you will encounter all kinds of mechanisms with holes, thorns or dangerous swords that you will have to avoid if you want to successfully pass all the missions of the game.

In case you are injured and your life is in danger you will have to start the previous mission again or you will have to retake the adventure from the last checkpoint. If you encounter a bomb, TNT or other mechanisms that can hurt you, it is best to stay away from them, because the game is bloody, and if you get injured, the blood will not stop or even you can detonate your entire body and separate all your limbs: head, hands, feet, body, arms or other organs. If you encounter a blade or certain blade mechanisms, you will need to know that you can cut into them, but what is interesting about this game is that you can continue your adventure no matter how you look, even if you are amputated of a leg or a hand, just to survive.

In general, your mission will be to ward off all the very dangerous obstacles in the game, to find out how you can start the mechanisms that will let you move on, and at the same time accumulate bonus bonuses that can help you reach the top. players.

How to play?

use the arrows to move, jump or crouch.

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