Larva Jump

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What is Larva Jump?

Larva Jump
Today dear friends we are bringing here on a lot of special games, and one of them is the Larva Jump challenge from the Larva games category, in which you can see that your favorite characters are going to be on little islands of grass and they will need your help to jump and finish the levels.

The Larva games category is a brand new set of games in which the latest Larva characters are ready to play amazing games together with their latest friends, and starting from today, you can see that we have unlocked the Larva Jump game that you can play with all your friends. In this new challenge, you can see that you will be controlling one of the Larva characters using your mouse. You will be on a little island with grass, and the only way that you can finish the level is to jump on each and every one of the islands.

It sounds very easy, you only have to jump from an island to another using your mouse, but the Larva character has to jump on all of them and only in straight lines, so just left, right forward or backwards. Because of this strategic limitation, your Larva can get stuck very easily on an island without having any more moves, and that will be game over for that leve. You will have to look very carefully at the entire stack of islands that are layed out in each level, and after you make the first move, you will have to have a clear understanding of your path. We know that it sounds easy, but you will see that it's not going to be so. This will be a logic game, in which you and your Larva character will have to stay focused and think each of your moves before taking any action.

For you to become the best player of the game, you will have to have the highest score, and that will be possible onfly if you finish all the 13 levels from the first stage. Use your mouse to control the jumps and make sure that you don't get stuck on a lonely island with your Larva, and that means that you will have the highest score, and we are sure that all the Larva character will continue to bring amazing kids games that you can play on your phones and tablets. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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