Mr Bean Rocket Recycler

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What is Mr Bean Rocket Recycler?

Mr Bean Rocket Recycler
Every boy from our website had a dream of becoming an astronaut where they were little, and you can see that Mr Bean had the same dream and that he didn't lost hope yet, so he is bringing for you kids the Mr Bean Rocket Recycle game right here on our website, where you will see that you will have to help Mr Bean launch his recycled rocket.

This is going to be a very special and very interesting educational game for boys and girls, because dear kids you can see that Mr Bean is going to need your help to recycle an entire space rocket, and for that he is going to need a lot of math problems solved before he can rebuild his rocket from scratch.

Mr Bean is going to take a lot of rocket parts, and divide them in 2. Each rocket is going to have a number on it, and you will see that the numbers on the parts will be placed in two buckets, and after you finished cutting the parts in two, you will have to add up the numbers in order for the rocket parts to be recycled. Make sure that you give the right answer every time, because Mr Bean is counting on you guys to launch his first space rocket.

All you have to do is the use the mouse whenever you have to split the parts in two and place them in the buckets, starting to count the numbers, and even making sure that you submit the right answer.

You and Mr Bean will have to fill up the start gage on the top screen, and you will see that once it's filled with all the points that you will earn with each and every one of the correct math answers, the recycled rocket will be launched. You have to be very careful, because Mr Bean has six "lifes" which are chances for you to answer to the math problem, so you have to make sure that you launch the rocket before you loose all of your lifes. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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