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Among Dungeon

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Among Dungeon
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Among Dungeon Overview


The new adventure game from Among us is here, but this time the level of fright and terrifying is on another level because the game is inspired by a horror game, with a lot of blood (virtual) and a lot of cruelty.
Even if we are talking about an adventure game inspired by action games where you have to escape from the various dungeons you have, sprinkled with all kinds of dangers and obstacles everywhere, the game Among Dungeon will really put you to work.

Your first mission will be to cross a portion of the dungeon where you will notice that above you will be a few crates with spikes. If you want to run through the dungeon, you will die, we recommend that you go slowly so that you can see how the torture mechanisms in the game work, and in this way you can manage your next movements so as to help the main character to pass. with the good of every level of the game. When you manage to cross the first part of the game, you will have to jump twice, so as to reach the top, on the stone cubes that will take you to the second level of the game. You will notice that the game will enter from one level to another without stopping you or sending you any nitrification, which will make this action game a continuous adventure game.

The next level of the dungeon will take you to a room full of spikes that you will have to avoid, but in which you will have to find a flag with a key to help you open a stone door in a new dungeon that it is currently closed. A very nice thing is that you will be able to resume your adventure whenever you want, because the game is free and at the same time in the game, you will always find the former character who just died before you, and in this way, you will be able to be more pay attention to the place where you last died so that you can learn something new whenever you die.

How to play?

Use the keyboard arrows or use the buttons in the game on mobile devices.

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