Super Buddy Run

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What is Super Buddy Run?

Super Buddy Run
You are in control of Super Buddy and you must run! You run forward on the stage and you must also avoid the obstacles that are ahead of you. You start in the forest, where you must avoid all sorts of obstacles like bees, saws, crabs, mines, and more. If you run into these you will lose the level and you will be forced to restart the specific stage you are on. The next stage you'll find yourself in is the volcano area, here you'll find other obstacles that await you.

In the volcano stage, you will also find spikes and saws but you will also find new obstacles like bombs and lava. On the volcano stage, you will also find a new item that is useful, the protective bubble! This bubble will shield you from all obstacles except falling into lava. The next stage is the Icelands. In the icelands, you will find extremely cold water that if you fall into, will fail the level. Every level has stars in them. These stars can be used to buy new skins.

Each stage has something different about it, and you must adapt to your new situation. Be it water or lava, bombs or saws, you must get over these obstacles to pass to the next stage.

Have fun playing Super Buddy Run!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen to jump.