Spider Trump

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What is Spider Trump?

Spider Trump

In this game, you have to complete the level using your spider skills! You need to use cobwebs to advance through the level, you have to shoot your web to the ceiling and then you can swing left and right to your desired location. You need to be wary of obstacles though, they will hurt you.

The obstacles are very sharp metal objects that will hurt you. If you go into them, you may lose a leg or an arm, if you lose all of your arms you will lose the level. The obstacles you may encounter are metal saws, katanas, and other blades.

On the level, you will also find items that can be pushed away like blocks and also huge rolling balls. Slamming into the war too hard will also result in one of your limbs flying off. Each level can be complete with 3 stars, sometimes you may have to collect some of these stars on the level itself but most of the time completing the level efficiently is enough.

Are you ready to swing using a web? Play to find out!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys to move, space to cast a web. On mobile use touch.

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