Bullet Rush

Bullet Rush

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Bullet Rush
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Bullet Rush Overview

You need to shoot the bad monsters with your gun! You spawn in the level and you need to shoot the bad guys out using your gun. You also have the ability to rotate and that also defeats the monsters. You must be careful not to get in contact with them or you will fail the level.

After killing an enemy, it will drop a coin that you can collect. The coins can be used to upgrade your gun. There are 3 types of upgrades:
  1. ​Firing-rate which increases the amounts of bullets shot in a second.
  2. Firepower upgrade increases the amount of damage given to enemies.
  3. The cold effect upgrade will increase the time enemies are frozen by the bullets.
The enemies also drop diamonds. You can use the diamonds to unlock a random character from the shop. There are 8 characters in total in the game. Once you reach the end of the level, a helicopter will come to pick you up. You also have a coin generator that generates you coins slowly that you can claim.

Have fun rushing the enemies!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch to drag the character.

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