Mr. Bullet 2

Mr. Bullet 2

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Mr. Bullet 2
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Mr. Bullet 2 Overview

In this shooting game, you have to shoot all of the bad guys on the level. You have a limited number of bullets that you can shoot to take out the enemies, so you must try to be as efficient as possible. Your bullets can easily deflect off other items like walls, crates, and bulletproof glass.

Each level will give you stars, you can use these stars to unlock new characters, you can unlock a total of 3 additional characters aside from the one you start the game with. The stars are also used to unlock new modes.

There are 3 modes in total in the game, each of them having its unique weapon and set of levels suited for that weapon. These modes are the Bullet Mode, Grenade Mode, and Archery Mode. You start with the Bullet Mode where you fire a gun that shoots bullets. In the grenade mode, you instead throw grenades. In the archery mode, you use a bow and arrows to take out the bad guys.

Play to take out the bad guys!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.

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