Mr.Bullet Big Bang

Mr.Bullet Big Bang

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Mr.Bullet Big Bang
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Mr.Bullet Big Bang Overview


Mr.Bullet Big Bang is yet another fascinating puzzle game with shooting online to feature this character, who, instead of previous versions, is actually becoming the bullet himself, as he gets inside of a cannon, so you will have to use him as a projectile to hit your targets in one of the best new skill and puzzle games of the day, maybe even of the year!

Make a Big Bang with Mr. Bullet online!

There are three maps to this game, each divided into multiple levels for you to finish, and you can get three stars per level depending on how well you do, which you should aim for, making it a total of 120 of them per map.

Use the mouse to aim and shoot the cannon with Bullet inside, and hit each and every target that the stage has to complete it, without running out of bullets before doing so, because you will then lose the level.

The fewer shots you need to take to complete a stage, the better, so take advantage of platforms and items around, maybe even explosives, to cause as much damage as possible.

Use the coins you earn along the way to buy all sorts of new skins for your Bullet Man, or maybe even get upgrades and power-ups to make a bigger bang.

No matter how difficult you think a level is, it has a solution if you focus and never give up, so we invite you to do that and have lots of fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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